Redefining an accessible customer experience for people with blindness and low vision

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In collaboration with

Vision Australia

Trying to shop online for essential products can be extremely disorientating for people with blindness or low vision. Symplicit worked with Vision Australia to enhance and modernise Vision Australia's online shopping experience to improve trust, confidence, and a sense of community for their blind and low vision customers.

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The Ask

Understanding the online shopping journey for blind and low vision customers.

Define the purchasing journey for Vision Australia’s customers and redesign their navigation experience in the e-commerce store.

We carried out subject matter expert interviews, customer interviews, desk research, survey analysis and a landscape review to give us an in-depth understanding of Vision Australia’s e-commerce service and the complete journey customers with blindness and low vision take to shop online. We evaluated how easy it was to navigate around the online store using our expertise in accessibility standards. Using tree testing and card sorting research methods, we explored how customers preferred to categorise products so that we could understand how to organise the website's content in a way that made sense to the customer.

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The Solution

Mapping an improved online customer experience with a customised website navigation structure.

As accessing essential products and services become more digitised, it is becoming more important to ensure that everyone receives equitable online shopping experiences. By using accessible customer-centric design to recreate their shopping platform, Vision Australia has helped blind and low vision customers enjoy an inclusive and equitable shopping experience that caters to their needs. Not only can their customers purchase essential products more easily and efficiently to improve their quality of life, but the positive shopping experience can also increase their customer’s confidence and sense of an online community.

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The Impact

Delivering equitable and inclusive online shopping experiences for an increasingly digitised world.

We created a comprehensive customer retail journey map illustrating the thoughts and expectations blind and low vision customers go through as they shop online. The map highlights painful and delightful moments, which inform both website design improvements and strategic opportunities for Vision Australia to better serve their growing blind and low vision community. We crafted a new website navigation structure based on customer perspective and logic that reflects the unique mindsets of people with blindness and low vision. The refreshed information architecture outlines a website structure that delivers a more cohesive, accessible, and intuitive shopping experience.