Customer Experience in the Built Environment

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Sydney METRO

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The Ask

Sydney METRO is the biggest transport project that will provide Sydney with a safe, reliable, clean and effective integrated transport system.

This stand-alone railway system is a new generation of fully automated trains set to revolutionise the way Sydney travels. In order to deliver a world class service, Symplicit was engaged to champion Customer-centred Design (CCD). We developed the design thinking methodology to ensure that the customer’s voice was considered in the various design team’s decisions and outputs.

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The Solution

Our collaborative approach and testing insights helped develop the Sydney METRO station designs to ensure customer centricity. The first project of its kind, our ability to immerse customers into 3D environments and obtain objective feedback marked an innovation in customer-centred design for built environment.

As a result, this project became the benchmark for future practices and requirements for Transport and Sydney METRO projects.

The Impact

Symplicit collaborated and took the interdisciplinary design team through a series of activities with a focus on building empathy for the customer.

We created personas for interdisciplinary design team reviews on the stations and common elements. Conducted verification and validation of design using paper and digital prototypes (i.e. testing using virtual reality), and co-design workshops to ensure that Sydney METRO’s Easy principles and Transport For NSW experience drivers were observed.