Redesigning the Nova Digital Platform

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The Ask

Nova is Australia's number one metro radio network.

Nova were redeveloping their digital platform (website & app) to upgrade their CMS. This provided an opportunity for Nova to implement an improved user experience to maximise engagement across their range of content. The design had to be clean, modern and versatile enough to be reused across various Nova Entertainment platforms.

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The Solution

Through a rapid and collaborative approach, Symplicit created a new information architecture, radio player and design of the content platform. This included a style guide and modular components that enabled developers to easily build and scale the design consistently across the Nova platform.

Nova now moves forward with a robust, scalable design, supported with an inventory of ideas for the future to ensure a continued evolution of the platform.

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The Impact

Symplicit brought skills across ideation, user testing, prototyping, visual design and branding to collaborate with the Nova project team to deliver designs over an 8 week period.

To begin, Symplicit conducted co-design workshops with various Nova departments to explore future vision ideas. The ideas were prioritised and road mapped to form an MVP (minimum viable product) for launch that was aligned to key business objectives.

Prototypes were created and tested over two rounds with customers to refine the prototypes. Once testing was completed, we designed the user interface to better incorporate the Nova brand and new user experience.