Uniting Care Queensland

Design Research, Strategic Design, Customer Experience


The Humanisation of Aged Care in Queensland


Symplicit worked closely with the Uniting Care customer experience (CX) team, immersing ourselves in the company's culture, challenges, and work environment.

We conducted qualitative and qualitative research to develop a design strategy that resulted in a set of customer personas, a customer segmentation model based on human-centred design principles, and future-proof workshopping tools.

By creating easy-to-consume data, previous assumptions and beliefs held about the customer and aged care were challenged and corrected.

The Uniting Care CX Team now has the tools and research to aid impactful conversations with stakeholders. Uniting Care has integrated the work created by Symplicit into its existing work strategy.


Uniting Care has taken important steps towards anticipating and meeting the needs of their customers by seeking assistance from Symplicit to answer three basic questions: "Who are our customers?", "How can we enhance our service to them?" and "How can we prioritize a customer-centric approach?". This approach is vital for maintaining a customer-first approach in business.


To achieve this, we underwent an immersion process that involved synthesising three databases with over 90,000 lines of data into one cohesive set. This allowed us to gain a 360° view of the customers. We were able to extract behavioural data and merge it with Roy Morgan Helix Personas. Using this data, we built a human-centred design segmentation framework that forms the basis of the Uniting Care Personas. This approach helps us anticipate changes and adapt to the needs of the customer. By challenging and enhancing the assumptions about them, we were better equipped to answer the question, "Who are our customers?" in a way that is easily understandable and actionable.


Collaboration is at the heart of everything we do, and we firmly believe that everyone should have a say in the design process. From conducting research to implementing new ideas, we strive to ensure that everyone's at Uniting Care’s input was valued equally. By doing so, we empower each person to take ownership of their experience and work together to make improvements that benefit all.