Human-Centred Design at Virgin

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Virgin Australia

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The Ask

Virgin Australia (VA) was developing prototypes for a new mobile responsive internet booking engine and post-booking management system.

Both systems are key customer touchpoints with a high degree of familiarity. Business requirements drove the need for change, though customer satisfaction was the primary success measure.

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The Solution

Finding consensus among stakeholders allowed high value business decisions to be made with confidence. Early detection of usability concerns and identification of optimisation opportunities helped the Virgin team realise both time and cost benefits as they moved from prototype to go-live.

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The Impact

After a landscape review of best practices for both systems, Symplicit conducted heuristic reviews of Virgin’s prototypes.

A design studio workshop established consensus among disparate stakeholders for the post-booking management system. Qualitative and quantitative usability testing of both systems established baseline standards to be maintained between prototyping and go-live. We produced testable prototypes and detailed reports to communicate our findings.