The Humanisation of Aged Care in Queensland

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In collaboration with

Uniting Care Queensland

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The Ask

Uniting Care Queensland engaged Symplicit to answer the following: “Who are our customers?", "How can we better serve them?", and "How can we instil a customer-first approach within the business?”

During the immersion process it became evident that the work we were developing must be informed by existing customer data and research. Symplicit was able to create personas, a human-centred segmentation mode, as well as workshop artefacts that Uniting Care Queensland could use into the future.

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The Solution

Through a collaborative approach, Symplicit was able to deliver personas, answering the question: “Who are our customers?”.

By creating easy to consume data, previous beliefs about the customer were changed. The Uniting Care Queensland CX Team now has the tools and research to aid in conversations with stakeholders. The work created by Symplicit is also in the process of being integrated with their existing work strategy.

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The Impact

Symplicit collaborated with the Uniting Care CX Team to fully immerse into the culture, challenges and working material.

During the immersion process three databases consisting over 90,000 lines of data were synthesised to into one cohesive set of data. This enabled the team to have a 360° view of the customer.

From this point behavioural data was extracted and merged with Roy Morgan Helix Personas. A framework was built using insightful Roy Morgan data points and the data was scaled accordingly. This was the basis of the Uniting Care Personas.