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HCF has an immediate need to redesign a customer interaction as a result of upcoming changes to the health insurance industry. This project was an opportunity to identify where there can be improvements to create a seamless and efficient save process whilst showcasing value to HCF members.

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The Ask

The current IVR system has been in place for a number of years.

During this time, it has been adapted and changed as required to meet specific purposes, often without looking at the holistic member experience or logic flow end to end.

This has resulted in the current IVR experience being relatively complex, with known broken processes that have developed over time.

We have also experienced increased call activity over recent months, with calls increasing by around 20%, and AHT increasing.

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The Solution

  • Proposed new IVR flow recommendation draft
  • Setup new flow for online testing
  • Run testing, analyse and summarise results
  • Provide flow testing results and future recommendations
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The Impact

We explored ways for HCF to connect with their customers in a more useful way. Principles to support research:

  • Take the time to understand the customer: Show that you care enough about your customers to take the time to listen and respond in a way they understand. This involves knowing what is important to the customer including their needs and motivations.
  • Show the customer value: Often customer’s struggle to understand what they are paying for. Always look for ways to reinforce value to customers’, reminding them of why they chose HCF. Help them navigate PHI and make informed decisions to stay.
  • Make it easy: Aligning channel processes and communications, and consistently seek feedback from customers to make continuous improvement to services offered, meanwhile demonstrating that their experiences are important to you.
  • Guide the customer on their health journey: Be clear with customers on their policy status and update members on key stages or timeframes in the process.

Scenarios and findings derived from the research:

  • Better conversation means better understanding: The conversation concept should be ongoing with HCF customers regardless of what stage of the relationship they are in. It is imperative that during the cancellation phase. Additionally, make the conversation personal and sincere to build trust and nurture the relationship.
  • A single view of members allows for personalised service: conversations with members build sympathy towards customer circumstances, catering to their need for consistency in communicative value.
  • Digital processes do the heavy lifting so employees can invest more time listening to members: Eliminate manual processing through the use of automated systems, optimising customer data and behaviour experiences to help HCF provide the right product opportunities.
  • Member’s portal and app can be optimised to keep the conversation alive: implement the member portal or the app as a primary source of communication, where members can see important options.
  • HCF one of voice presence must be consistent across all correspondence: to reflect brand promise and personality, alignment between departments must be a part of the collective narrative.