Transforming the Gold Coast PHN Digital Experience

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In collaboration with

Gold Coast Primary Health Network

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The Ask

The Gold Coast Primary Health Network engaged Symplicit to redesign the website to ensure the correct information is presented to the correct user group.​

BrisbaneSouth PHN has introduced the Person-Centred Care (PCC) Model as an organisational response and approach to service integration. This addresses the challenges of equity in health outcomes associated with chronic health conditions experienced in the Brisbane south region. Person-centred care responds to the Australian national health reform agenda to strengthen primary care and improve the management of chronic disease, aligning with national and international evidence. PCC also supports with the PHN’s strategic planning, building on other programs supported by the PHN to establish person-centred integrated care in the Brisbane south region, including programs led by BSPHN’s partners.

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The Solution

The final result presented tailored information to individuals based on what type of user they were. We did this by introducing a pre-landing page, individualising the top menu headings, and re-organising the information architecture. Site-wide, we utilised best practice usability standards and ensured accessibility standards were met.

We created:

  • Final Personas, showing consumer insights from all engagement activities
  • Final Journey Maps, showing touch points for each persona within the healthcare system
  • Final Impact Map, showing the goals, stakeholders, behaviour changes and deliverables for the health literacy strategy

We delivered our Final Report, describing the process of developing the strategy and the strategy itself, including:

  • A plan for consumer engagement activities
  • A person-centred care health literacy strategy
  • Recommendations for a 12-month implementation program
  • Tools and activities to ensure the “person” is centred in the strategy and implementation
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The Impact

To begin, we held an internal stakeholder workshop to ensure that project objectives and goals were aligned. This was followed by a top tasks survey to prioritise the top tasks according to users before conducting contextual inquiries to obtain further insights.

The top tasks and contextual enquiries informed the prototype page designs. We established the UX and UI, asset and navigation library. We then did a series of user testing on the prototype to refine the page styling and assets to the benchmark templates that could then be handed over to The Gold Coast Primary Health Network for development.