Virgin Australia

Product Design, Design Research, Customer Experience, Usability Testing


Human-Centred Design at Virgin


Virgin Australia (VA) was creating prototypes for a new mobile-friendly internet booking engine and system for managing bookings after they are made. These systems are important ways that customers interact with the company, and the decision to make changes was driven by business needs while keeping customer satisfaction as the top priority.


By reaching a consensus among stakeholders, the Virgin team was able to make important business decisions with confidence. They also benefited from identifying usability concerns and optimisation opportunities early on, which ultimately saved them time and money during the transition from prototype to go-live.


Symplicit conducted heuristic reviews of Virgin's prototypes after conducting a landscape review of best practices for both systems. To establish consensus among disparate stakeholders for the postbooking management system, a design studio workshop was held.

Qualitative and quantitative usability testing of both systems was performed to establish baseline standards that need to be maintained between prototyping and go-live. Testable prototypes and detailed reports were produced to communicate the findings.


We conducted thorough qualitative research to gain insight into how customers make and manage their bookings online. Our approach was centred around curiosity and collaboration. Using design thinking, we translated our research findings into a comprehensive representation to guide future decision-making by stakeholders.